About Bare Naked Feminism

Bare Naked Feminism (BNF) was started in 2015 by activist and performer Dahlia Divine, when she found that she had too many thoughts to keep them all in her head. A desire to share these thoughts in a blunt and uncensored way, combined with Dahlia’s nudist inclinations led to the creation of feminist blog site that served as a safe space to express, debate, and share feminist issues.

In addition to the “Naked Opinion” blog posts, BNF also features fashion posts under the tagline “Fashion Democracy”, guest posts under “Bare Naked Besties”, posts relating to Burlesque under “Pasties and the Patriarchy”, and miscellaneous posts under “Naked Crapshoot”.

We hope you enjoy this community of like-minded individuals.  Please ensure that you are being respectful of one another, and that everyone feels welcomed and included to participate. We don’t have to agree on everything, but we do have to be nice.  Any hurtful or disrespectful comments will be deleted and users will be blocked.

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